Since 2015 we have grown as a complete platform dedicated to the Equestrian Endurance, with a suite of tools to handle different aspects of a constant growing sport.

One of our major goal is to enhance the relation between all who participate directly and indirectly in the sport. By displaying results in real time, we allow people to be part of the competitions from any site around the world, making a link between the competitor, the equine and the spectator.

Not only Riders but teammates, sport-amateurs, horse-lovers and public in general, can follow races and check results and statistics in real time. This information is crucial for the competitor itself and promotes one of the sport main feature; the planning and execution of game strategies.

EvoTiming plays an important role in expanding new equestrian markets. From a commercial perspective, the platform can be seen as a “showcase” or an easy way for equestrian trainers and establishments to display their horses both regionally and internationally.

Nowadays, monitoring equine performance in races is essential when making decisions; not only for the competitor but in a commercial environment it allows potential equine buyers to verify the evolution of the horse skills.

We offer a set of tools for federations and event-organizing committees. One thing is certain: precise timing is a key-point in this type of competition so EvoTiming not only automates and simplifies several processes to ensure accurate timing for each competitor, but also offers a variety of tools to make things easier when it comes to the event organization, such as riders/equines records administration, registrations and information delivery.


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Timed Competitions


Years of Experience

EvoTiming is incredibly simple, intuitive and easy to use, designed with innovative and cutting-edge concepts.


Live Results

Race results are displayed in real time in an easy to use, versatile and attractive graphical interface. It is fuly responsive and capable of adapting to the wide variety of devices that exist today. Competition information, statistics and rankings are in one place and available to the public.

Administrative Modules

EvoTiming has a complete toolset to keep a permanent record of equines and riders who participate in races. Also this set allows to track their historical information and make use of the benefits of data mining that the platform offers.

Timing Modes

Accurate and effective timing of competitions is crucial for sport. EvoTiming offers a variety of modalities designed to carry out the timing of each competitor with extreme precision. State-of-the-art technology, first-class infrastructure and a set of control tools built on the Endurance regulation, allow automation, partial or total, and simplify the control point timing processes.


EvoTiming has become a benchmark source for equestrian sport across all America and is in full expansion. With dedication and commitment, we seek to consolidate Endurance at a regional and international level, through promotion and support for the growth of the discipline. Today we receive visitors from more than 35 different countries, including the Emirates, Spain and France.


get all benefits for your federation


We understand situations Federations have to face are not always the same and depends most of time on how well known are Endurance roots in the region. Therefore, we offer several plans to integrate with the platform, which are aimed to cover different aspects with ease and adapts to each realities.


While offering a complete suite of tools to time-track Endurance events, we also have a service in which we take care of the whole competitions timing. In this modality, no worries to be taken, OCs can focus on other event aspects due timing is going to be accurately taken by our team.


We are available to assist and provide you with information when you need it most. Receive periodic updates through the platform and get technical support from our qualified team.

What we offer


  • Administration Panel
  • Results Exhibition
  • Historical Information


  • Administration Panel
  • Results Exhibition
  • Historical Information
  • Timing Module
  • FEI Reports integration
  • Support & Technical Assistance


  • Administration Panel
  • Results Exhibition
  • Historical Information
  • Automatic Timing Module
  • FEI Reports integration
  • Support & Technical Assistance

Timing Service


Let our professionals team to take care of timing your competitions. We assure you professionalism and efficiency to carry out an event successfully. In addition, at the end we will provide you the corresponding reports to send to FEI in the expected format.

EvoTiming Mobile

In a world where the immediate is a paradigm and ease is everything about, a mobile application must be there to be used without further delay. This is precisely what EvoTiming Mobile provides, a simple and fast way to offer the user the racing information close at hand.

In addition to the commodity which devices brings nowadays due to their size and convenience, EvoTiming’s mobile channel offers live results, racing information and statistics, equine-riders tracking, alerts & notifications and much more.

We encourage you to try it! Download it free for your device!

International Results

The sport’s passion transcends all kind of borderlands and this very reason gives users the possibility to check international events results. The mobile application groups and displays the events and competitions of the different Federations being part of the platform and allows users to locate and visualize the results in an extremely simple way.

Get Social!

Nowadays, communication media breaks with the limitations of time and space. EvoTiming Mobile offers integration with the main social networks, under the premise of union and interaction between horse-lover public. The application allows to generate and share content with family, friends and contacts through several social networks.